Today, the 61st Independence Day of Israel. My Right Hand’s Art – #51 Apr. 30 2009

Today is Israel’s Independence Day, by the Hebrew Calender not the Gregorian calander.

Wherever you are, say a prayer of thanks for Israel, heart of the Earth, and pray for her protection as she is (still) surrounded by nation-foes on every side.

Let your “Chag Semeach” (happy holiday) be filled with commitment to pray for, to teach about and to long for our Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) to be placed upon His throne in Yerushalayim!

From a Jewish publication –

Nationwide sirens on Monday evening and Tuesday morning brought Israel to a standstill to remember its 22,570 fallen soldiers and terror victims.

Both sirens were followed by national and private Memorial Day ceremonies at cemeteries and war memorials across the country.

Come Tuesday evening, the tears of sorrow will turn to tears of joy as Israel shifts gears and marks the long-sought independence that the sacrifices of its soldiers purchased.

Wednesday’s Independence Day events include outdoor concerts at several venues, air and sea displays by Israel’s military, tours of Israeli army bases, a ceremony for outstanding soldiers in Jerusalem, and the annual National Bible Quiz.

This year’s Independence Day will also incorporate the 100th anniversary of Tel Aviv.

Security forces have imposed a full closure on Palestinian-controlled areas to prevent terrorists from ruining the festivities.

– – –

Shalom, Haverim.


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