Pray for Israel’s Pillar of Cloud!

Israel has been under attack by Hamas since Gaza was ethnically cleansed of Jews. Apartheid was committed against the Jews who used to live and THRIVE there. On the 9th of Av – August 14th, 2005 – 8000 Jewish farmers (feeding Europe) were evacuated. And a total of 12,000 missiles (aimed at civilians!) have poured out of Gaza over the last 12 years. Terrorist Hamas has no shame and is one of the world’s worst manifestations of the maniacal adherents to Shariah Law – a growing phenomenon worldwide – who will use violent “jihad” (holy war) to implement it’s barbaric practices.

The purpose of the campaign, dubbed ‘Pillar of Cloud,’ is to strike the command and control of Hamas and to undermine their terrorist infrastructure. Phase 1 is intended as a surgical strike by the IDF, in collaboration with the ISA (Israel Security Agency or Shabak), of targets based on accurate intelligence and advanced fire capabilities.

And here are the weapons capabilities the IDF seek to destroy.

Image originally from the IDF Blog – they are the most immediate and reliable source for activities surrounding Hamas terrorism in Gaza.

And here is what it’s like to have 10-12 seconds to hide from one of these things:

Please pray for the security, prosperity, joy, righteousness and peace of Israel.

And for those also concerned about those Arabs suffering under the totalitarian rule of Hamas and Fatah (Palestinian Authority), there is a new intiative by the Jerusalem Institute of Justice which seeks to expose the horrible conditions and inequities being inflicted on civilian populations within Gaza and Ramallah, Jenin, etc. Please consider also praying for this as well.

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