Oxana and Boaz interview me on Messianic Lamb Radio!

Oxana Eliahu was kind enough to record my unabridged testimony and play it on her awesome radio show on Messianic Lamb Radio – Faithful to the Truth..

I apologize ahead of time as I haven’t quite figured out how to tell my story very succinctly!

LINKS Mentioned in the interview:
Everything Israel – my 14 years and counting Israel-focus ministry blog – MyRightHandsArt.com and
Facebook pageFacebook.com/MyRightHandsArt
My Dad’s WordsInRed.com project
MMASFY (MovieMakers and Shakers for Yeshua)
Personal home pageTomChaffer.com
Media employment over the years: TBN – Bott Radio – GodTV
Entrepreneur websites: Joseph Company website – Lance Walnau – Sandi Krakowski
Free software for all! Sourceforge.netGithub.com

(My views are my own and not necessarily those of Unity Coalition for Israel with whom I work.)

From Oxana’s email –

7th Radio show will be broadcasting tomorrow the 11th of July at 6pm Central Time on Messianic Lamb Radio

On this upcoming show, our special guest will be Tom Chaffer.

He will be sharing his interesting testimony. Every testimony is an amazing story about our Adonai and how He has influenced our lives and has changed our hearts. 

You can listen to the program live tomorrow at 6pm on the Faithful to the Truth page on Messianic LAMB Radio

Please join us tomorrow evening at 6pm! (Thursday the 11th of July, 2013)

With love in Yeshua, Oxana and Boaz

Oxana was also kind enough to post the audio as a video on her Youtube page (hit her subscribe button!)

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