Never Again Frontline

Although I’ve only had the opportunity to speak with him a few times, I consider Frank Gaffney, Founder of Center for Security Policy and former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for President Ronald Reagan, one of my best mentors. His Peace through Strength stance (see below) promoted during the 2010 and 2012 election cycles helped many elected and incumbant representatives to “see clearly” what the USA is up against and how best to move forward in an increasingly hostile (and insane) world… a world being primed for the resurrection of an Ottoman-style Caliphate. [And if you don’t know what a “caliphate” is already – I suggest you learn.]

“Never Again” is the cry of Jews worldwide who refuse to be subjugated in deception by an “iron fist” such as Hitler’s – the leader of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (“Nazis”) and one of world history’s most genocidal madmen.

But “never again” is now. And this Frank Gaffney makes it clear with this unique tour of Israel (embedded). And please understand his salient point – that this new frontline for “Never Again” is the frontline for the entire free world! If Israel falls, Europe will soon fall to the Caliphate. And, if Europe falls, America will be soon to follow.

Therefore, pray – and act – for the peace of Jerusalem, Israel.

Every thinking American should require his or her candidate for representative office to sign onto the Center for Security Policy’s “Peace through Strength” platform:


  1. Maintain a robust defense posture. 
  2. Invest in our national security. 
  3. Preserve American sovereignty.
  4. Insist that arms control accords enhance America’s security. 
  5. Preserve and Protect the Constitution of the United States. 
  6. Assure America’s energy security.
  7. Secure America’s borders.
  8. Protect America from unlawful enemy combatants.
  9. Protect the military culture essential to the All-Volunteer Force. 
  10. Pursue a foreign policy that supports our allies and opposes our adversaries. 
  11. Enlist judicial and educational institutions in defending America. 
  12. Use force only where appropriate and, where that is the case, commit to victory.


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