Jerusalem Dateline with Chris Mitchell

I just want to highly recommend the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) show, Jerusalem Dateline with longtime Jerusalem-based Investigative Reporter, Chris Mitchell. For you who are concerned about what’s happening in the Middle East – with Jerusalem and her Israel at the center – Jerusalem Dateline is one show to look forward to at least once a month. Please consider bookmarking this page – – and following Chris’ most excellent work.

I’ve met with and prayed with Chris Mitchell in person. All I can say is the guy is 100% real and what he’s offering the Body of Messiah is news from heaven. I, for one, am so grateful for his hard work and “life-on-the-line” diligence.

Here’s a show from earlier this month and it is so wonderful (and complex!), I can’t recommend it more highly. Please share the simple link – – and let’s get the word out on this amazing (AMAZING!) show!


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