Israel to Japan – MyRightHand’sArt #68 Apr 18, 2011

“For those of us entrusted with the leadership of Christ’s church, ambassadors of the kingdom of God, now is the time for us to put our lives on the line in intercession and action for Japan.” –

The above is from our Israel voice in Japan – Ariel Blumenthal. Please listen. Subscribe to his emails at this website.

Rick Joyner expounds on the Japan earthquake in its timing in this world scenario…

I watched these videos with my 4 oldest children and prayed over and explained to them our strategy for these end times. We focused on videos 5 and 6 especially.

The water in this video swallows the small person running in front of it. It is horrifying to watch. The tide is rising. Are you built upon the ROCK?

Are you praying with His compassion for the people of Japan? Am I?

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