Israel Mandate

Zechariah 12:3: “It will happen in that day, that I will make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all the peoples. All who burden themselves with it will be severely wounded, and all the nations of the earth will be gathered together against it.”

I love Israel. I love the Jews. I’m a Christian Zionist (The one your neighborhood Islamic tyrant warned you about). And I actually love the fact that Jerusalem is SO peculiar that those who seek to move it – to destroy it – to divide it – to preach “separation” or “replacement” theology against it… will be severely wounded.

It’s YHWH’s way of saying. “That’s MINE. Back off!”

And I believe I myself have been wounded severely by YHWH’s faithful jealousy. Knowing enough to be included as His son, by faith, yet being ignorant enough to wander painfully into the depths of darkness, I’ve been wounded.

But, since 1997 when a secretary at the radio station I worked at invited me to meet a wise Jewish sage, and simultaneously I began to pray into and to study the “Israel Mandate” of IHOP-KC, I stand today, by YHWH’s glorious Grace, with fire in my bones for the purpose of seeing Yeshua take His rightful place on my planet as the King of kings and LORD of lords – His place in Jerusalem!

Today I’m backing away from a task that was gestured towards me by one of my favorite mentors, Jim Maher (see image left).

Jim, who had served many years as leading brother for our Israel Mandate ministry at IHOP, turned to me one day, said, “Tom, the LORD has need of you!”

The need was for an approach to sharing the message of the Israel mandate online which would encompass today’s technology.

I took him and YHWH up on the task and that’s how the Facebook page came about!

Today, however, over a year later, I’ve changed the URL from to

Having lost all communication with any form of leadership (by no one’s fault) and not feeling I properly represent IHOP-KC’s vision any more, I am distancing myself from Jim’s “last known command.”

I don’t plan to stop reporting on and laboring for Israel, for “hasbara” (“explanation”) or for other intercession – whispered or acted out – but I do want to make it clear that I no longer seek to represent IHOP-KC in any way with the Facebook account.

The name “Mr.” Israel Mandate is still attached to the account. And the email is still named thus. But, from now on, I’ll be focusing my energy (back) on the My Right Hand’s Art account.

It can be reached at or

Yeshua, bless those who bless Israel.

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