Why is it that the world hates Israel? Somebody please have the chutzpah to log in and comment.

Honestly (speaking as an American), they’re second only to the USA in originality, pluck and kindness… yet the world hates on.

Why is that, d’ya suppose?

All us Christians (who support Israel) tend to jump to the conclusion that it’s, I don’t know, maybe Satan?

But it should also be of great concern to the purveyors of the most libelous liberty and charade: Israel is just the cat’s meow!

It’s super-cool,





Israel is, in fact, the best thing that ever happened to the Middle East (next to Alexandria).

And, if I was a libelous liberal, I’d be concerned.. at the very¬†least.

Look at the facts (and your cellphone, you dimwit!) and stand for Israel. Tell the haters to shut the hell up!


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