I am Noon!

Orde Wingate for Christian Freedom 2014
Orde Wingate for Christian Freedom 2014

Believers in Muslim countries have been marked by an Arabic “Noon” or – ن.

We, as the West and as other Christians around the world, have the deep responsibility to STAND for these Christian brothers, sisters, children… PEOPLE… who are suffering at the hand of a self-righteousness called Sharia Law under Islamic jurisprudence.

Even Muslims must learn to STAND against deicide (the attempted eradication of another faith at cost of innocent blood). It is murderous. It is sick and it is wrong to the core. There is only ONE who can judge the religion of a heart and it ain’t you, buddy!

There is a plumbline from heaven measuring the value of the innocent Christians being slaughtered – these “Nazarenes” as Islamic fanatics label them with their “Noon” – but they are also, according to the Hebrew meaning of the letter, “Nun”, “Sprouts” and YHWH watches and will pay back in full… both for the perpetration of murderous crimes by so-called Muslims, and for the “standing-by” comfortable, silent Christians everywhere.

The Arabic letter “Noon” is very closely related to the Hebrew “Nun” – נ (same pronunciation, as well). – http://www.ancient-hebrew.org/3_nun.html – so let’s let both loose definitions stand – believers in YHWH Yeshua (Jesus) worldwide can all humbly proclaim –

“I am Noon! A Nazarene! And I am Nun – God’s SPROUT! Watch me grow and do not cut me down. May YHWH’s name be praised and the whole world sprout under our feet!”

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