Happy birthday, Israel!

While Yom Haatzmaut (Day of Independence) was April 26th, 2012 on the Hebrew (lunar) calendar this year, today is the Gregorian equivalent of the Rebirth of Israel – May 14th, 1948 – one of our planet’s most ancient and faithful nations.

I am Israel Intercessor. And so are you. We are here on the wall between chaos and shalom, guarding against the evil that would hurl unrest, disease, destruction… and chaos into the lands of the peace-seeking. We are the Israel Intercessors!

Pray in agreement with King Yeshua now as never before, dear saints. He WILL remove everything that hinders love. There WILL be a highway of holiness connecting Israel with it’s partner nations (Isaiah 19). The Sar Shalom shall prevail.

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