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Sonia Warshawski, Holocaust Survivor

This message is for you.. and it is for today. Heed it, please.

Published on Sep 3, 2014 on the Minisitries of New Life Youtube channel, which I currently manage. Please consider subscribing to this amazing channel!

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Romans 11:18 (regarding the Jews) Do not boast against the branches. And if you boast, remember: you do not bear the root, but the root bears you!

We humbly submit this effort to hear, to feel and to respond to the devastating story of the indomitable Sonia Warshawski, together with her daughter, Regina Kort.

Our hope is for Christians to awaken to the atrocities committed by the Church against the Jews and to humbly repent and cling to our “Naomi” (Ruth 1:16-17), our Father’s Hebrew people and His timeless Hebraic ways.

Sonia Warshawski stands as a living testament of those who have suffered the atrocities of so-called “Christians.” Anti-Hebraism and Anti-Semitism is now at an all-time high across the globe – EVEN AMONG CHRISTIANS. Which side do you lean towards, dear one?

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Although “wars and rumors of wars” are arising today (Mt.24:6,Mk.13:7), we have a very real Savior who, although He is “the ruler of the kings of the earth,” He “loves us, and washed us from our sins by his blood!” (Revelation 1:5)

Shalom in Yeshua (Jesus), our soon-coming BrideGroom King!

Prayers for Shalom-Mindedness

Shabbat SHALOM! “Thus we must make every effort to enter that rest…” – Ah… the sweet peace of REST.. even in the most dire of circumstances. – Put your own horrendous headline here –

Shalom, Zion. Rest well in YHWH's love tonight.
Shalom, Zion. Rest well in YHWH’s love tonight.

Wow. For those who are paying attention, you KNOW there’s SO MUCH going on in the Middle East in 2014, huh? And yet, in beloved Israel, there is relative calm – really, still.. go see! [And please hire a MESSIANIC (believer in Jesus) Jewish tour guide if you go. I know 3 amazing ones if you want to ping me about that.]

With ISIS and Hamas and Hezbollah and Iran being more boisterous (and successful… ahem, Obama) than usual, it has been quite a struggle for some (like me) to remain focused on YHWH – centered on His love. The circumstances can sometimes get overwhelming with that occasional incoming missile siren and whatnot!

I have a saying, though which I found recently echoed in the fantastic book by Ron Cantrell, “Crazy Faith, Extravagant Love” – “There is NOTHING that God can NOT teach us within the sphere of child-like JOY.” Or, as Ron put it:

“There is not one single thing on this Earth to be serious about!”

Ron makes it very clear that he had a recent encounter with God which CHANGED EVERYTHING and PROVED to him, as C.S. Lewis wrote, that “Joy is the very serious business of heaven!”

Joy is the currency of Heaven’s economy of Love!

And our UNITING with Abba YHWH in this current of joy is more critical than ever in our journey to blast this world system with the love of Yeshua (Jesus) – brighter and brighter unto the FULL DAY! (Prov.4:18)

SO! THIS, as MC Hammer is wont to say, “is why we pray!”

In fact, let’s just break on through to the other side right now, shall we?

Father, in the name of Yeshua, and by His ever-working blood poured out, we approach the Throne of Grace (Heb.4:16) “to receive mercy and find grace” in this hour of of desperation for your Joy, Peace and Righteousness (Rom.14:17) to BREAK IN to our hearts, minds, dreams and conversations. Right now.

I pray especially for believers throughout the Middle East who are living out the now-and-not-yet Isaiah 19 King’s Superhighway – that connecting road (actually existing on the ground right now) which will join Egypt to Assyria – with Israel as a third member. Father, bless this union taking place before our eyes. Let the people of these countries CHOOSE YOU and CHOOSE ISRAEL! Open the eyes and longings of these people to know You, YHWH of Israel. There is no other. You alone are God.

Shalom, shalom, Jerusalem – planet Earth’s Zion. We love you.

How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news, who proclaims peace, who brings glad tidings of good things, who proclaims salvation, who says to Zion, Your God reigns! Your watchmen shall lift up their voices, with their voices they shall sing together; for they shall see eye to eye when the Lord brings back Zion.
Isaiah 52:7-8


I am Noon!

Orde Wingate for Christian Freedom 2014
Orde Wingate for Christian Freedom 2014

Believers in Muslim countries have been marked by an Arabic “Noon” or – ن.

We, as the West and as other Christians around the world, have the deep responsibility to STAND for these Christian brothers, sisters, children… PEOPLE… who are suffering at the hand of a self-righteousness called Sharia Law under Islamic jurisprudence.

Even Muslims must learn to STAND against deicide (the attempted eradication of another faith at cost of innocent blood). It is murderous. It is sick and it is wrong to the core. There is only ONE who can judge the religion of a heart and it ain’t you, buddy!

There is a plumbline from heaven measuring the value of the innocent Christians being slaughtered – these “Nazarenes” as Islamic fanatics label them with their “Noon” – but they are also, according to the Hebrew meaning of the letter, “Nun”, “Sprouts” and YHWH watches and will pay back in full… both for the perpetration of murderous crimes by so-called Muslims, and for the “standing-by” comfortable, silent Christians everywhere.

The Arabic letter “Noon” is very closely related to the Hebrew “Nun” – נ (same pronunciation, as well). – – so let’s let both loose definitions stand – believers in YHWH Yeshua (Jesus) worldwide can all humbly proclaim –

“I am Noon! A Nazarene! And I am Nun – God’s SPROUT! Watch me grow and do not cut me down. May YHWH’s name be praised and the whole world sprout under our feet!”

The Land

Genesis 15:18-21 –faisal-weizmann-map

“On the same day יהוה made a covenant with Abram, saying, ‘I have given this land to your seed, from the river of Mitsrayim to the great river, the River Euphrates, with the Qĕynite, and the Qenizzite, and the Qaḏmonite, and the Ḥittite, and the Perizzite, and the Repha’im, and the Amorite, and the Kena‛anite, and the Girgashite, and the Yebusite.'” (The Scriptures 1998 Version)

The passage above is only the last part of the “Land Grant Covenant” of Genesis 15: 7-21. This amazing insight is from Marilyn Griffin’s booklet, Covenants Establish the LORD’s Plan for the Jewish People and All Mankind (page 4):

The Land Grant Covenant of Genesis 15 is a Blood Covenant giving land with designated boundaries to Abram and His descendants. Blood Covenants are most binding as they require the shedding of blood as a seal of the Covenant. In Genesis 15, the LORD instructed Abram to slay a heifer, goat, ram and birds and divide their carcasses except fo the birds to the right and left making an aisle between them… though Israel has never fully occupied the Promised Land…

Please visit and inquire about this MUST-HAVE booklet which unveils the huge (and almost completely missed!) key of the Covenants in Scripture.

In fact, I’m privileged and honored to begin working with Marilyn Griffin of Ministries of New Life again here in Kansas City as she continues to teach on the connections between YHWH’s Covenants and the New Testament book of Revelation and the ancient Jewish prophecies of Daniel. This all-important concept she teaches about the multiple Covenants in Scripture is key to understanding YHWH’s actions on planet Earth today.

In addition and in support of this Land Grant Covenant, my own research into (and media coverage) of the findings of experts in International Law, especially Dr. Jacques Gauthier and the late, great investigator of the Jewish “Magna Carta,” Howard Grief of The Office for Israeli Constitutional Law (Israel’s first Indigenous People’s Organization – IPO) have revealed the fascinating and definitive facts on the ground in Israel which affirmed to the Jews of the Diaspora just after World War 1 (estimated to number up to 7 million) that they are the legal owners of the Trans-Jordan also known as the area of “Palestine” (which Mr. Grief argued, was illegally divided into “Palestine” and Jordan).

You can see my work compiling information on the original “San Remo Resolution” here. The far-reaching legal agreements as to the borders and territories in the Middle East we know today were reached by the Supreme Council of Allied Powers in San Remo, Italy on April 25th, 1920. This Resolution was the decisive legal document granting rights and privileges to all of the Jews of the Disaspora at that time to

“to reconstitute the ancient Jewish State within its historic borders.”

The San Remo Conference was convened to solve border issues throughout the Middle East and is the same legal precedent that determined other famous borders for previously non-existent nations such as Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia. And yet everyone wants to claim the Jews have no right to their ancient, indigenous homeland? Strange, isn’t it?

Here is a video of the late Howard Grief that details some of these key issues:

This legal precedent only adds authentication and elaboration to the Land Grant made by YHWH Himself to Avram (Abraham).

Simply put, the land now known as Israel belongs to the Jews.

And, to me, the most beautiful aspect of this fact is the way the desert flourishes under their feet in that land! And the way Jews SHARE that bounty…

We’ve just come away from a beautiful Jewish celebration called, Tu B’shvat (Hebrew for “the 15th”). It is the time of “fruit to be set apart!”

See Leviticus 19:23-25 –

“And when you come into the land, and have planted all kinds of trees for food, then you shall reckon their fruit as uncircumcised. For three years it is as uncircumcised to you, it is not eaten. And in the fourth year all its fruit is set-apart – praises to יהוה. And in the fifth year you eat its fruit, so that it increases its yield to you. I am יהוה your Elohim.”

And look at the nature of this celebration – it is for the poor among you! The primary test of our faith as believers in Yeshua (Jesus), King of the Universe and King of the Jews, is that we CARE for “widows and orphans in their distress”

James 1:29 –

“Clean and undefiled religion before the Elohim and Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world.” (The Scriptures 1998 Version)

– the sharing of your trees, fruits, and harvests with those less physically blessed than yourselves.

As a family we’re seeking to develop a mobile app that will both teach and gather foks interested in these real-time, hands-in-the-dirt Scriptural concepts of seed-time and harvest. With GMO seeds on the rise and on your dinner plate, we’re seeing, more than ever before, the vital actions of the Ekklesia (Church) as regards organic home gardening and larger organic farming propositions.

But, whether you’re a believer (yet) in the Maker of Earth or not, we’re appealing to you to “Make Your Lawn Your Produce Aisle!” And our app, SeedRevival, Yah willing, will help you do that. bumper sticker sm

And, when you have a chance to share the bounty of your “permaculture-best-practices” yield, please remember the widows and orphans – and neighbors down the road – in their distress.

– – –

Article by Tom Chaffer, the persistently wacky entrepreneur at Atomsound LLC. Also and and much, much more.

Read further another verse used by faithful Jews during Tu B’shvat …

Every third year, instead of using the ten percent of your harvest for a big celebration, bring it into town and put it in a community storehouse… it’s an agrarian, sharing scene. May we return and give praise to the ONE who gives us our seasonal yields… with the same gracious spirit of giving to our fellow humans.

Deuteronomy 14: 22-29

“You shall tithe without fail all the yield of your grain that the field brings forth year by year. And you shall eat before יהוה your Elohim, in the place where He chooses to make His Name dwell, the tithe of your grain and your new wine and your oil, and of the firstlings of your herds and your sheep, so that you learn to fear יהוה your Elohim always. But when the way is too long for you, so that you are not able to bring the tithe, or when the place where יהוה your Elohim chooses to put His Name is too far from you, when יהוה your Elohim is blessing you, then you shall give it in silver, and shall take the silver in your hand and go to the place which יהוה your Elohim chooses.”

“And you shall use the silver for whatever your being desires: for cattle or sheep, for wine or strong drink, for whatever your being desires. And you shall eat there before יהוה your Elohim, and you shall rejoice, you and your household. And do not forsake the Lĕwite who is within your gates, for he has no part nor inheritance with you. At the end of every third year you bring out all the tithe of your increase of that year and store it up within your gates. And the Lĕwite, because he has no portion nor inheritance with you, and the sojourner and the fatherless and the widow who are within your gates, shall come and eat and be satisfied, so that יהוה your Elohim does bless you in all the work of your hand which you do.”

Special thanks –

Announcing Daily Manna to You!

Good Monday morning, everyone in the US and laila tov to you, Israel! I want to introduce a ministry and friends I’m working with to promote Yah’s faithful word on a more regular basis as I share Ze’ev (Willie) and Orith Cunningham’s passion for the Word of YHWH and intercessory work in Nahariya (North of Haifa), or, as Willie likes to say, the upper left ventricle of the heart of Israel!

Ze’ev and Orith’s website is wonderful and I highly recommend a visit –

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 11.27.36 PM

Today’s word is

“Pay attention unto my voice”

Jeremiah 7:22-23 For I spoke not unto your fathers, nor commanded them in the day that I brought them out of the land of Egypt, concerning burnt offerings or sacrifices: 23 but this thing I commanded them, saying, Hearken unto my voice, and I will be your God, and you shall be my people: and walk you in all the way that I command you, that it may be well with you.

There is a difference between doing what we believe to be the right thing to do and doing what God tells us to do. Offerings and sacrifices can be done to fill a need to feel good about ourselves. But obeying God’s voice and doing what He wants us to do, requires a change of our heart toward God. Some believe that we can do what we like even if we know that it is a mistake to do it; because we are disobeying God’s word. They believe that they can do this because they can go to the Father and repent for their sin and that God will forgive them. The problem with this thinking is that the blessing and favor of God can be withheld from you until your heart has changes concerning this sin. “That it may be well with you.”

The Day the Doors Open in Israel

It will happen. Sooner or later, Israel will discontinue its vehement (but baseless) prejudice against Jews with otherwise flawless Jewish background, but who believe Jesus (Yeshua) is the promised Messiah of TaNaK, and the doors will fly open in Israel allowing them to finally and fully COME HOME!

And Israel Today Magazine (a long-running Israeli magazine published by, you guessed it, Yahudim for Yeshua!) is heralding that day as soon approaching.

Mainstream American Jewish groups were incredulous that Bush would provide such legitimacy to a movement they view as a deceitful ploy to convert Jews away from Judaism.

But Messianic Jewish leaders told the JTA that while the “gatekeepers” of mainstream Judaism are often “overzealous” in their approach to Jewish believers in Yeshua (Jesus), most average Jews are welcoming.

Give this key article a read and, please, say a prayer for our brothers and sisters worldwide who long to go home to Israel finally and with full rights as Jewish citizens in the only Jewish nation on planet Earth!

Also.. pray for the 15 to 40 million Hispanic Sephardim – many of whom are believers in Yeshua with undeniable ancestry tied to the Jews of Spain – who are anxiously awaiting Israel’s doors to open so they can finally be home in Israel…

What a day that will be… for the world!

Romans 11:11-15

11 I say then, have they stumbled that they should fall? Let it not be! But by their fall deliverance has come to the gentiles, to provoke them to jealousy.
12 And if their fall is riches for the world, and their failure riches for the gentiles, how much more their completeness!
13 For I speak to you, the gentiles, inasmuch as I am an emissary to the gentiles, I esteem my service,
14 if somehow I might provoke to jealousy those who are my flesh and save some of them.
15 For if their casting away is the restoration to favour of the world, what is their acceptance but life from the dead?

Never Again Frontline

Although I’ve only had the opportunity to speak with him a few times, I consider Frank Gaffney, Founder of Center for Security Policy and former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for President Ronald Reagan, one of my best mentors. His Peace through Strength stance (see below) promoted during the 2010 and 2012 election cycles helped many elected and incumbant representatives to “see clearly” what the USA is up against and how best to move forward in an increasingly hostile (and insane) world… a world being primed for the resurrection of an Ottoman-style Caliphate. [And if you don’t know what a “caliphate” is already – I suggest you learn.]

“Never Again” is the cry of Jews worldwide who refuse to be subjugated in deception by an “iron fist” such as Hitler’s – the leader of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (“Nazis”) and one of world history’s most genocidal madmen.

But “never again” is now. And this Frank Gaffney makes it clear with this unique tour of Israel (embedded). And please understand his salient point – that this new frontline for “Never Again” is the frontline for the entire free world! If Israel falls, Europe will soon fall to the Caliphate. And, if Europe falls, America will be soon to follow.

Therefore, pray – and act – for the peace of Jerusalem, Israel.

Every thinking American should require his or her candidate for representative office to sign onto the Center for Security Policy’s “Peace through Strength” platform:


  1. Maintain a robust defense posture. 
  2. Invest in our national security. 
  3. Preserve American sovereignty.
  4. Insist that arms control accords enhance America’s security. 
  5. Preserve and Protect the Constitution of the United States. 
  6. Assure America’s energy security.
  7. Secure America’s borders.
  8. Protect America from unlawful enemy combatants.
  9. Protect the military culture essential to the All-Volunteer Force. 
  10. Pursue a foreign policy that supports our allies and opposes our adversaries. 
  11. Enlist judicial and educational institutions in defending America. 
  12. Use force only where appropriate and, where that is the case, commit to victory.


Shout on Yom Teruah!

Shout like you’re on a roller coaster! Blow the Shofar with wild expectation!

Today is the day to get all excited about the coming of Messiah Yeshua!

Because it’s Yom Teruah!

Leviticus 23:23-25

And יהוה spoke to Mosheh, saying, “Speak to the children of Yisral, saying, ‘In the seventh month, on the first day of the month, you have a rest, a remembrance of blowing of trumpets, a set-apart gathering. You do no servile work, and you shall bring an offering made by fire to יהוה.'”

At the sighting of the new moon in Jerusalem this week (September 6? September 7?), it’s the “Day of the Noisome Blast” – Yom Teruah! And we’re commanded to keep it! It’s really special to יהוה, in fact!

It’s also the infamous “day and hour no man knows” (called that because of the variance in that new moon sighting). It’s the day folks in Jerusalem (Yes, the physical Jerusalem .. yes Jewish folks!) joyfully and expectantly, like a Bride expecting her BrideGroom to come sweep her away, go out into the evening sky and look for the new moon. Perhaps they’ll intone – “we might see it on the evening of the 6th.. or we might see it on the evening of the 7th.. we won’t know until we see it!” – The day and hour.. no man knows!

Here’s a thought provoking calendar adjusted subtly to actually align with the sighting of the new moon.

“You should know the season!” – Jesus (Yeshua) Matthew 24:44

And what does this “next feast to be fulfilled by Yeshua” portend? The Jewish Messiah’s APPEARING in the clouds to receive His own unto Himself! (Some might even say “rapture”! IF you see a difference between “appearing” and “coming” – “Day of Messiah” and “Day of YHWH”.. but I’m still studying that one!)

So it’s Yom Teruah at the sighting of the new moon in Jerusalem.. the infamous “day and hour no man knows” because there is some variance in that new moon sighting.. i.e. “we might see it on the evening of the 6th.. or we might see it on the evening of the 7th.. we won’t know until we see it!”

And what does this “next feast to be fulfilled by Yeshua” portend? His APPEARING (1 Thes. 4:15) in the clouds to receive His own unto Himself! (Some might even say “rapture”!)

All I know is this.. before THIS year? 2013? I was SO ignorant!

So here’s my little artwork note-taking on the event (with a great calendar I found!) – for the benefit of all of us! Click to see it BIG! Download it and put it on your desktop! And shout about the Savior!

Cos “When the moon (of the Jewish timing) hits your eye – like a big pizza pie – that’s AMORE (LOVE!)”

AMAZING FIRST VIDEO, especially! Please find time to watch it!

Matthew 24:31-51

31 “And He shall send His messengers with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together His chosen ones from the four winds, from one end of the heavens to the other.

32 “And learn this parable from the fig tree: When its branch has already become tender and puts forth leaves, you know that the summer is near.

33 “So you also, when you see all these, know that He is near, at the doors.

34 “Truly, I say to you, this generation shall by no means pass away until all this takes place.

35 “The heaven and the earth shall pass away, but My words shall by no means pass away.

36 “But concerning that day and the hour no one knows, not even the messengers of the heavens, but My Father only.

37 “And as the days of Noaḥ, so also shall the coming of the Son of Aḏam be.

38 “For as they were in the days before the flood, eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noaḥ entered into the ark, and they did not know until the flood came and took them all away, so also shall the coming of the Son of Aḏam be.

40 “Then two shall be in the field, the one is taken and the one is left.

41 “Two shall be grinding at the mill, one is taken and one is left.

42 “Watch therefore, for you do not know what hour your Master is coming.

43 “And know this, that if the master of the house had known what hour the thief would come, he would have watched and not allowed his house to be broken into.

44 “Because of this, be ready too, for the Son of Aḏam is coming at an hour when you do not expect Him.

45 “Who then is a trustworthy and wise servant, whom his master set over his household, to give them food in season?

46 “Blessed is that servant whom his master, having come, shall find so doing.

47 “Truly, I say to you that he shall set him over all his possessions.

48 “But if that evil servant says in his heart, ‘My master is delaying his coming,’

49 and begins to beat his fellow servants, and to eat and drink with the drunkards,

50 the master of that servant shall come on a day when he does not expect it, and at an hour he does not know,

51 and shall cut him in two and appoint him his portion with the hypocrites – there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

More articles –

1st Thessalonians 4:13-18

Acts 1:9-11

Revelation 1:7-8

Pray for Syrian and Egyptian Christians

Isaiah 19 is happening before our very eyes. Please, believer in Yeshua (Jesus), stay awake and atuned to His purposes in the Middle East.. to create a superhighway of commerce and holiness between the 3 great powers – Assyria (Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon), Israel and Egypt.

July 4th, 2013 – the largest outdoor gathering in the history of mankind celebrated the ousting of the wicked Muslim Brotherhood.. (The Brotherhood ever-so-weirdly supported by Obama!)

And yet…

It is important also to pray for the believing Jews in Israel (Christians, if you must). They are at the center and they are key – our brothers and sisters in Yeshua who know the language of Yeshua and are ready for His return as the King of the Jews!

Oxana and Boaz interview me on Messianic Lamb Radio!

Oxana Eliahu was kind enough to record my unabridged testimony and play it on her awesome radio show on Messianic Lamb Radio – Faithful to the Truth..

I apologize ahead of time as I haven’t quite figured out how to tell my story very succinctly!

LINKS Mentioned in the interview:
Everything Israel – my 14 years and counting Israel-focus ministry blog – and
My Dad’s project
MMASFY (MovieMakers and Shakers for Yeshua)
Personal home
Media employment over the years: TBN – Bott Radio – GodTV
Entrepreneur websites: Joseph Company website – Lance Walnau – Sandi Krakowski
Free software for all!

(My views are my own and not necessarily those of Unity Coalition for Israel with whom I work.)

From Oxana’s email –

7th Radio show will be broadcasting tomorrow the 11th of July at 6pm Central Time on Messianic Lamb Radio

On this upcoming show, our special guest will be Tom Chaffer.

He will be sharing his interesting testimony. Every testimony is an amazing story about our Adonai and how He has influenced our lives and has changed our hearts. 

You can listen to the program live tomorrow at 6pm on the Faithful to the Truth page on Messianic LAMB Radio

Please join us tomorrow evening at 6pm! (Thursday the 11th of July, 2013)

With love in Yeshua, Oxana and Boaz

Oxana was also kind enough to post the audio as a video on her Youtube page (hit her subscribe button!)