9-11… from the Underside.

Remembering 9-11 from the underside..

Have things improved? For America? For Israel (our VITAL ally in the war against Islamic Terror)?

No. Really, they haven’t.

And they will continue to degrade until we recognize the threat:



Please realize the primary aspect of the attack of 9-11 (and 1993 on the same building) was PRIMARILY Islamic. Until we realize that, we will continue to LOSE the battle – both the battle for Truth – and the actual battle against evil forces.

My sincere thanks to Frank Gaffney, Caroline Glick, Clare Lopez, Charles Jacobs, Andy Miller and Jamie Glazov – without guys and gals like you, we’d be TOAST!

http://youtu.be/nGYhm9mZRMQ – “To lift one’s hand against the Jew was to lift one’s hand against God!” – Dietrich Bonhoeffer

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