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The Land

Genesis 15:18-21 –faisal-weizmann-map

“On the same day יהוה made a covenant with Abram, saying, ‘I have given this land to your seed, from the river of Mitsrayim to the great river, the River Euphrates, with the Qĕynite, and the Qenizzite, and the Qaḏmonite, and the Ḥittite, and the Perizzite, and the Repha’im, and the Amorite, and the Kena‛anite, and the Girgashite, and the Yebusite.'” (The Scriptures 1998 Version)

The passage above is only the last part of the “Land Grant Covenant” of Genesis 15: 7-21. This amazing insight is from Marilyn Griffin’s booklet, Covenants Establish the LORD’s Plan for the Jewish People and All Mankind (page 4):

The Land Grant Covenant of Genesis 15 is a Blood Covenant giving land with designated boundaries to Abram and His descendants. Blood Covenants are most binding as they require the shedding of blood as a seal of the Covenant. In Genesis 15, the LORD instructed Abram to slay a heifer, goat, ram and birds and divide their carcasses except fo the birds to the right and left making an aisle between them… though Israel has never fully occupied the Promised Land…

Please visit and inquire about this MUST-HAVE booklet which unveils the huge (and almost completely missed!) key of the Covenants in Scripture.

In fact, I’m privileged and honored to begin working with Marilyn Griffin of Ministries of New Life again here in Kansas City as she continues to teach on the connections between YHWH’s Covenants and the New Testament book of Revelation and the ancient Jewish prophecies of Daniel. This all-important concept she teaches about the multiple Covenants in Scripture is key to understanding YHWH’s actions on planet Earth today.

In addition and in support of this Land Grant Covenant, my own research into (and media coverage) of the findings of experts in International Law, especially Dr. Jacques Gauthier and the late, great investigator of the Jewish “Magna Carta,” Howard Grief of The Office for Israeli Constitutional Law (Israel’s first Indigenous People’s Organization – IPO) have revealed the fascinating and definitive facts on the ground in Israel which affirmed to the Jews of the Diaspora just after World War 1 (estimated to number up to 7 million) that they are the legal owners of the Trans-Jordan also known as the area of “Palestine” (which Mr. Grief argued, was illegally divided into “Palestine” and Jordan).

You can see my work compiling information on the original “San Remo Resolution” here. The far-reaching legal agreements as to the borders and territories in the Middle East we know today were reached by the Supreme Council of Allied Powers in San Remo, Italy on April 25th, 1920. This Resolution was the decisive legal document granting rights and privileges to all of the Jews of the Disaspora at that time to

“to reconstitute the ancient Jewish State within its historic borders.”

The San Remo Conference was convened to solve border issues throughout the Middle East and is the same legal precedent that determined other famous borders for previously non-existent nations such as Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia. And yet everyone wants to claim the Jews have no right to their ancient, indigenous homeland? Strange, isn’t it?

Here is a video of the late Howard Grief that details some of these key issues:

This legal precedent only adds authentication and elaboration to the Land Grant made by YHWH Himself to Avram (Abraham).

Simply put, the land now known as Israel belongs to the Jews.

And, to me, the most beautiful aspect of this fact is the way the desert flourishes under their feet in that land! And the way Jews SHARE that bounty…

We’ve just come away from a beautiful Jewish celebration called, Tu B’shvat (Hebrew for “the 15th”). It is the time of “fruit to be set apart!”

See Leviticus 19:23-25 –

“And when you come into the land, and have planted all kinds of trees for food, then you shall reckon their fruit as uncircumcised. For three years it is as uncircumcised to you, it is not eaten. And in the fourth year all its fruit is set-apart – praises to יהוה. And in the fifth year you eat its fruit, so that it increases its yield to you. I am יהוה your Elohim.”

And look at the nature of this celebration – it is for the poor among you! The primary test of our faith as believers in Yeshua (Jesus), King of the Universe and King of the Jews, is that we CARE for “widows and orphans in their distress”

James 1:29 –

“Clean and undefiled religion before the Elohim and Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world.” (The Scriptures 1998 Version)

– the sharing of your trees, fruits, and harvests with those less physically blessed than yourselves.

As a family we’re seeking to develop a mobile app that will both teach and gather foks interested in these real-time, hands-in-the-dirt Scriptural concepts of seed-time and harvest. With GMO seeds on the rise and on your dinner plate, we’re seeing, more than ever before, the vital actions of the Ekklesia (Church) as regards organic home gardening and larger organic farming propositions.

But, whether you’re a believer (yet) in the Maker of Earth or not, we’re appealing to you to “Make Your Lawn Your Produce Aisle!” And our app, SeedRevival, Yah willing, will help you do that. bumper sticker sm

And, when you have a chance to share the bounty of your “permaculture-best-practices” yield, please remember the widows and orphans – and neighbors down the road – in their distress.

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Article by Tom Chaffer, the persistently wacky entrepreneur at Atomsound LLC. Also and and much, much more.

Read further another verse used by faithful Jews during Tu B’shvat …

Every third year, instead of using the ten percent of your harvest for a big celebration, bring it into town and put it in a community storehouse… it’s an agrarian, sharing scene. May we return and give praise to the ONE who gives us our seasonal yields… with the same gracious spirit of giving to our fellow humans.

Deuteronomy 14: 22-29

“You shall tithe without fail all the yield of your grain that the field brings forth year by year. And you shall eat before יהוה your Elohim, in the place where He chooses to make His Name dwell, the tithe of your grain and your new wine and your oil, and of the firstlings of your herds and your sheep, so that you learn to fear יהוה your Elohim always. But when the way is too long for you, so that you are not able to bring the tithe, or when the place where יהוה your Elohim chooses to put His Name is too far from you, when יהוה your Elohim is blessing you, then you shall give it in silver, and shall take the silver in your hand and go to the place which יהוה your Elohim chooses.”

“And you shall use the silver for whatever your being desires: for cattle or sheep, for wine or strong drink, for whatever your being desires. And you shall eat there before יהוה your Elohim, and you shall rejoice, you and your household. And do not forsake the Lĕwite who is within your gates, for he has no part nor inheritance with you. At the end of every third year you bring out all the tithe of your increase of that year and store it up within your gates. And the Lĕwite, because he has no portion nor inheritance with you, and the sojourner and the fatherless and the widow who are within your gates, shall come and eat and be satisfied, so that יהוה your Elohim does bless you in all the work of your hand which you do.”

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