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Activation of Iranian Reactor Imminent MyRightHand’sArt #61 August 15, 2010

Dear praying saints,

Safe to say this report from a friend in Jerusalem is stronger than anything else you’ve got going on this week. Israel needs your prayers today!

The following is a succinct overview of this next critical week in Israeli and Middle East history. You can be a part by your POWERFUL prayers!

I’ve also added a prayer and a Debka file report at the end.


Begin forwarded message:

August 14, 2010 at 10:21pm
Subject: prayer request…

Hey everyone,

We got an interesting week ahead over here. Let me fill you in real quick.

In 1980 Israel blew up a nuke reactor in Iraq. called operation opera. Some say Iraq wanted to make weapons, but the main reason was because of “escalation.” Iran even helped them. They knew that if Iraq had a nuke plant capable of producing a weapon, every other country in the region would want one, and since they all hate each other – it would be bad for business.

Happened again in 2007, in Syria. operation orchard.

the timing is what is relevant, and I’m getting to my point. Israel chose to blow up the nuke plants days to weeks before they were loaded with nuke rods and turned on. If they were to blow them up at any time after that, it would contaminate the air and water killing lots and lots of civilians.

so you know there are crazy people running iran right now, and they got this nuke reactor thats gonna be loaded next week by the russians. saturday the 21st to be exact.

Long story short, there is a strong chance Israel might blow it up next week for all the same reasons.

So, this is just a request for prayers for wisdom in Israel’s government, and protection of its land and people.

Thanks everybody, love you all


“Yeshua, you are the King. And You see all these movements of the people. We ask you to reign in the wicked kings of the earth according to Your timing and Your mercy. Bless Israel, bless the democratic and free speech movement in Iran. Have mercy on the US (whom Iran has said to be targeting with these same nukes – ). We love You and we ask for your help this week – especially for Israeli safety, security and salvation. Amen!”

– – –
The following can be read in whole at

Flap in Jerusalem over Aug. 21 activation of Iran’s first reactor

DEBKAfile Special Report August 14, 2010, 11:40 PM (GMT+02:00)
The sudden announcement in Moscow and Tehran on Aug. 11 that Russia is set to activate Iran’s first nuclear power reactor by loading the fuel on Aug. 21 has caused a major flap in Israel in view of the military aspects of the plant. debkafile’s military sources report that only last week, high Israeli officials asked Washington for clarifications on the latest intelligence information that Moscow had decided to finally activate the Bushehr reactor after innumerable delays.