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An Atomsound from Israel! My Right Hand’s Art #56 Jan 9, 2010

I’m excited this month, first, to share my hopes for your encouragement, your blessing and your prosperity in the new (Gregorian) year, 2010! May all your deepest dreams (the ones planted there by Yahweh) be watered with courage and shone upon by your Father’s favor!

Also, I’m really happy to be forwarding a portion of David Silver’s newsletter. I’ll leave the rest of it a surprise for which you’ll have to subscribe to see more. I don’t know if David even knows me from Adam, but, as you’ve seen from other mailings, I’ve grown to admire their beautiful testimony of Yeshua, Yahweh of Israel!

In this issue, he speaks of the handiwork of Yahweh in the universe. This is a topic very near and dear to me. I have formulated (still an infant) company called Atomsound which is built to encourage the saints in their entrepreneurial and other creative endeavors and teaches the idea that the “Let there be Light” of the Word-made-flesh Yeshua actually sustains ALL matter with a song. Always has and always will. We will forever EXIST because Yahweh loves to sing! And here is David Silver for more on that idea!

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David’s Comment:  Our God is Truly an Awesome God

Ps 139:14  I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; marvelous are Your works ….  (NKJ)
Psalm 19:1   The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows His handiwork.   (NKJ)

Shalom everyone  –  I want to start the year off on a positive note. Who knows what will unfold in Israel and in your nation in the days ahead ?  It seems that the situation in the whole world is spiraling out of control.   But God has not lost control.  In fact he is very much in control.  And He has the authority and the power to keep everything under control.  The God of Israel is EL ELYON – the MOST HIGH GOD. HE told Moses that His name is YHVH –  I AM WHO I AM !!!  To some people that may sound arrogant.  But the Creator of the Universe and the designer of every atom in the Universe, can afford to sound a little arrogant.

Over the last few days I have been watching the National Geographic channel on the TV.  I am far from being an expert on biology or physics, but the information I have gleaned from watching these programs has ‘boggled’ my mind and given me an even greater revelation of how AWESOME our God truly is.
The first program, I watched  “In the Womb”  was on conception and the whole process from the fertilization of the egg to the birth of the baby.  It all begins with a single cell that then divides and then the two cells divide again and so on and so on until you have perfectly formed human being.  I asked a friend how big is an average human cell is and he told me this – if the size of the Earth was compared to a small coin, then a cell would be as comparatively small as a tiny basketball on that coin-sized earth. That is so small it is impossible to comprehend! As miniscule as that is, the cell is then made up of even tinier parts.  There is the membrane wall of the cell, the nucleus of the cell, the proteins and the DNA.  The DNA is made up of millions of parts, so can you imagine (actually I cant imagine)  how small the parts of the DNA are.  I wouldn’t be surprised if one day genetic scientists discover that the millions of DNA particles are made up of even more smaller parts !

From there we go down to the atom and the parts that make up the atom and the parts that make up those parts. This mind boggling design is repeated in every living thing on Planet Earth, be it animal, insect, or vegetable.  As clever a man is, we cant even create   something as simple as a blade of grass.  And where does man get his intelligence from ?   From the fact that we were created in the image of the Creator !   Our God truly is an awesome God !!!

Now lets look outwards instead of inwards.  The same physical design pattern that we saw as we decreased in size is repeated as we increase size.  As we move our focus to the heavens, we see solar systems, galaxies and the universe, may be even other universes all based on the atomic pattern.  The energy and power out there in the universe is similarly mind boggling.  The program I was watching claimed that our Sun produces more energy in 1 second than has been been produced on the Earth since its creation.  And the power of the sun is like a candle compare to the energy produced by other stars.  Then there are black holes, Quazars and Gamma rays that produce levels of energy that our human minds cant even begin to comprehend.  There are power sources out there, even in our own solar system, that could wipe the Earth out in a nano-second.

To be honest the scale of what I was seeing on my TV screen was getting very scary.  We could all be vaporised from Space and never know what hit us.

All of  a sudden I found myself singing an old song to myself  –  “He’s got the whole world in His hands – He’s got the whole wide world in His hands ……..”  Not only does He have the whole world in His hands, He’s got the whole Universe in His hands !  He created every atom that exists anywhere –  the atoms that make up our physical bodies and the atoms that make up every star, planet and gas cloud in the Universe  He created every single one of them and every single atom that was ever created is still under His control   ……  Our God is an awesome God !

As I said above, our human minds cannot even begin to comprehend the smallness of inner space and the vastness and power of outer space.  All I know is that if our God created and controls all of the stars, galaxies and energy sources out there in space, then He must be much BIGGER and far more POWERFUL  than anything He has created.  The sad thing is that many of the scientists and the people at National Geographic put it all down to the  “Big Bang”  or to Evolution.  You have to have ‘hyper-faith’ to believe everything in the Universe came about by chance or by an uncontrolled explosion.

I have shared these things with you this week to build your faith and encourage you to put you faith in God and in God alone.  The God of Israel is the God of the miniscule and He is the God of the massive.  Nothing you may be going through is too small for Him to care about, and there is nothing that you may be going through is too big for Him to put right.   He tells us to call upon Him when we are in trouble and He will answer us. So if the first few days of 2010 find you in some kind of trouble, call upon Him now and keep calling upon Him until you have your solution.

And never, never, never, never forget that “Ain Kmoca B Elim Adona”  –  There is no other God like Him in the Heavens

Our God is an AWESOME God!