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My Right Hand’s Art #10 Jul 2005 – Cry “Gush Katif!” Part II

Gush Katif and surrounding Aza communities (not “settlements”!) are now being torn apart to appease the world community’s insatiable desire to oppress and divide Israel!

And for those who think Christians shouldn’t assert their rights – consider Paul’s stand in Acts chapters 21 through 24… especially vs. 22:25-26! Christians should support and pray for right ruling on the earth, it’s true!

I wrote more about the travesty in Gush Katif in a June 21 article entitled, “Cry Gush Katif” in my personal blog – Scroll down the page to see a picture of Noga Cohen. Clicking on her pic will give you her video interview. It is riveting and highly personal.

And if you still have ANY questions about what is REALLY going on in “Gaza” (Jews prefer “Aza”), please take 10 minutes of time to look and see – Movies –

It’s already happening, in fact –

The following 10 talking points are from a group named Unity Coalition for Israel. I worked with for 2 years developing their website. I couldn’t agree more with their astute (and shocking!) talking points regarding Gush Katif and the (now happening!) Disengagement.

PLEASE take these points to prayer and TALK THEM UP! Talk to your neighbors, co-workers, and especially at Bible studies and prayer meetings! Another very informative and eye-opening site is by RESIDENTS OF GUSH KATIF THEMSELVES!

Talking Points –

The Disengagement Plan of Sharon Defies All Sound Logic

1. The Land of Israel is the rightful inheritance of all the Jewish people.

2. The creation of a Palestinian terrorist state runs directly counter to the Bush Doctrine – ‘not to respect any state that harbors terrorists.’

3. Israel must be allowed, indeed encouraged, to respond to terrorist attacks with full force.

4. The final cost of deporting 10,000 Jews will be very high. Who will bear this cost? Will the American taxpayer bear the brunt? What is the approximate cost? Members of Sharon’s cabinet have projected that 80,000 more Jews will be deported in the 2nd wave. Anticipated costs are reported to be more than 50 billion dollars. How much of this enormous cost will be expected to come from America? These issues have not yet entered the US national debate.

5. We ask our elected representatives, especially those sitting on finance and budgetary committees, to maintain at least a neutral position until a Congressional fact-finding mission can be made to the respective areas in Israel.

6. There are extreme humanitarian and legal issues raised by the ethnic cleansing of over 10,000 Jews from their homes and communities – from their businesses, hothouses, and cemeteries. Do we Americans want to have this crime on our national conscience? Will terrorists be allowed to live in the homes of their victims?

7. The most recent polls show that a majority of Jewish Israelis are not in favor of the unilateral disengagement. Most Israelis believe that the terrorist groups, especially Hamas, have been using the last few months to restock arms and ammunition and will attack Israel during any retreat or shortly thereafter.

8. Leaving Gaza and the Northern Shomron will create de facto havens for terrorists that will enable them to reach Israeli cities on the coast and in central Israel with missiles. Arabs will rightfully consider any Israeli retreat as a military victory and will be encouraged to apply terroristic pressure for additional concessions.

9. Only 12% of Gaza remains in Jewish hands today. Why is it necessary to destroy one of Israel’s most vibrant communities in order to establish a “peaceful” Arab state?

10. The economic and social impact will be great on the deportees as well as the country at large. Israeli society cannot withstand the financial consequences and social upheaval that will ensue.

– – – end of talking points from – – –

Please join me in prayer, if you will…

“Adonai Yeshua, we love You and believe that You have great things in store for both indigenous Jews and ingathered Jews in Israel. We are trembling to see Joel 3:2, and verses 12-16 coming to pass before our eyes! Yeshua have mercy! Open the eyes of our leaders’ hearts that they might stay Your wrath!

“Please use this weak article to rouse the saints to warring prayer for Gush Katif and for the leaders of our nations and of our places of assembly in Your name, Yeshua.

“The Lamb that was slain is WORTHY to receive the reward of His sufferings! All honor and glory and might and power belong to YOU, Yeshua! Be glorified today!”


This is a very powerful time we live in. Our very breathed prayers could make the difference between a “Ninevah” being saved or perishing this very day. Yahveh have mercy on us to use the minutes wisely!

Shalom, dear friends.