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My Right Hand’s Art #09 Jun 2005 – Stream of Consciousness on Aza

Sorry I missed last month. We had our 5th child and, frankly, I was really, really busy!

So here’s a super-deluxe, stream of consciousness version of My Right Hand’s Skill to keep you guessing…

OK. We who love Israel have been kept quite in the dark by CNN, CBS, BBC and the like. You DO know that, right? For instance, when Abu Mazen (oops, sorry, that was his name when he funded the 1972 Munich Olympics Massacre of 11 Israeli athletes – stated on several occasions by the “Abu” who lead the group of Palestinian Arab terrorists into that horror), er, Mahmoud Abbas, I mean, said, “Yo, world! WE (hamas terrorists?) stopped the terror bombings!” … he was lying, of course. From on May 30th of 2005 – “In the past week alone, three Palestinian teenagers were arrested as they tried to sneak into Israel with explosives belts.”

Enough politics! Let’s pray, shall we?

Father of all life, King of the Universe, Yeshua, who gaurds us. Thank You for calling us out of our darkness and into Your light! Lord! We can’t wait for your Kingdom to come! You reign in the heavens and laugh at the schemes of men (Ps. 2) and you will ultimately place ALL that hinders love under Your feet and truly show the entire planet Your awesome ways. There are many, many more who need to know You, Yeshua, but please come soon!

I just want to ask that You would give a special peace to the good, humble, unarmed people of Gaza, the Jews who are sometimes daily shelled by terrorists for no other reason than that they are Jewish… give them special peace as the entire world chants for them to leave their flourishing homes – their gardens, livestock, beauty from ashes, streams in the desert. They do fulfill many scriptures of Your promises to bring Your people back to the land and to cause the land to flourish under their handiwork. And those promises are amazing to behold coming true. But it looks as if that land is being divided by our President. He is congratulating Abbas and threatening Sharon with the “pullout” of the entire …

Lord, the frustration level is too high. Accept my cry for the shalom of Gush Katif and neighboring Jerusalmem… and for US. In the name of Yeshua, Father, I ask for it.

Here’s a little ditty from a article.

An Israeli intelligence officer, an expert on suicide bombing and recruitment methods for volunteers ready to die in the name of Allah, stated he believes suicide bombings will hit Europe and the Americas much sooner than previously expected. Pro-al-Qaida agitators are now active in many pockets inside Muslim immigrant communities around the world where candidates are being selected and tactics of recruiting jihadi suicide bombers have been changed. In most cases volunteers are no longer sent to be trained in Pakistan or other so-called sympathetic environments. More often than not the entire training, indoctrination and brainwashing process is now undertaken within the target countries. On the other hand, friendly and accessible Pakistani scientists remain the main attraction for terrorists seeking nuclear know-how.

And here’s an interview with a lady from Gush Katif who’s children’s legs were blown off during a bus bombing by the terrorists who circle Gush Katif in Aza (Jewish way of saying “gaza”). Dare you watch her supernatural calm and listen to her horrifying story?

So what would Yeshua do in all this? Am I challenging status quo by talking about the politics of a country that many believers find a hard time justifying as the Biblical Israel? Is anyone listening?

Protest if you are.

My Right Hand’s Art #8b May 2005 – Absurd Beginnings

“If at first, an idea isn’t absurd, there is no hope for it.” – Albert Einstein

[This post was actually prepared on May 1st but not sent due to my temporary insanity based on my wife’s braxton hicks contractions! Adonai of Israel (very) successfully delivered to us (with some very distinct effort on Michelle’s part) our 5th child, Zoe Shalom, born on 5/5/05. Having just read it (060105) and thinking it’s pretty cool, I’m sending it out anyways! Shalom!]

How’s this for absurd –

There once was a Being who preceded everything seen and unseen. He created out of nothing all that is. His desire was set, in a world of individual people – all with their own amazing powers of will and constitution, upon a lowly group of no more than a few. Avram, Sara and some others. His mission was to raise from these few an army of believers in His way of doing things. These believers would tell the world who He is and how things are best done.

How’s that for absurd?!

And now we see that tiny nation struggling for existance in a hostile world. Outnumbered not only by the 250 million arabs hostile by a religious ethic known as “jihad,” but by many millions more hostile to Israel by a religious ethic known as liberal fundamentalism, and by billions more hostile by their religious communism… yet they continue to stand as a nation resurrected!

Their language is resurrected (that’s never happened), their land is resurrected (that’s never happened), and their army is resurrecet and empowered in the face of their enemies (that’s never happened).

Absurd Israel. It’s actually a great idea of God’s – to “exalt the lowly and tear down the haughty”

And do you know what Israel has to share with us?

Romans 11:15 For if the rejection of them is the reconciling of the world, what would their acceptance be, but life from the dead?

Many unexplainable wonders flow into the country whose nobel prize winners outnumber all other countries (per capita) in the world.

And they’ve only just begun!