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My Right Hand’s Art #08 Apr 2005 – Activism and the Church

My church, Forerunner Christian Fellowship of Grandview, Missouri (, hosted an “Israel Mandate Conference” this last week, April 7th through the 10th. And WHAT A CONFERENCE!

Conferences can be just conferences as you may well know … you go, you hear, you go home, you sleep.

But this was different in that it brought together a variety of streams within the body of Christ who are finding meaning and purpose in becoming “one new man” with the ancient people of Israel!

[That’s a short reference to a HUGE paradigm that beats in the heart of the Maker of the Universe. Have you begun to know it? Romans 9, 10 and 11 will clue you in if you haven’t.]

And one specific voice from the various teachers at this 2nd annual Israel Mandate Conference (all of whom have either spent vast amounts of time in Israel or actually LIVE there!) was Robert Stearns ( )… He said that all of our seeking to understand the Heart of God for Israel will ultimately lead to one thing – Christians standing up and ACTING upon the living Word with a new understanding of His JUSTICE in the earth!

So that’s what my thought is this week. Simply put (from the perspective of God in heaven), “What have you done for me lately?” Cos faith without works really is dead.

One of the most awesome brothers in the Body, Dr. James Dobson (Focus on the Family), is fighting for Judeo-Christian Values in America –

And here’s what I’ve been doing. This is one letter of several I’ve sent to Sudanese officials, Knesset members (in Israel) and to my representatives and senators… and President…

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” – Edmund Burke

Ezekiel 16:49 – This is what your sister Sodom has done wrong. She and her daughters were proud that they had plenty of food and had peace and security. They didn’t help the poor and the needy.

Subject: Encouraging Unrestrained Terrorism.

Dear Mr. President and Mr. Prime Minister,

I stand with the people who are gathered in Crawford, Texas to oppose the Road Map and Disengagement Plan and the giveaway of Israeli land.

Rewarding Palestinian terrorism by granting statehood is not the answer to Arab/Israeli peace.

The eyes of millions of Americans are watching “the Democratic Process” as it unfolds in the Middle East. We are focused on the tiny country of Israel that exists to be a “Light Unto the Nations”.

With no vote and no referendum, how can we be assured that dividing the Holy Land is the true democratic wish of the Israeli people?

And how, as Christians who believe the Bible to be true, can we ignore the Biblical injunction that Israel belongs to the Jews and is not to be divided – Joel 3:2?

Millions of Americans, Christians and Jews, support you, Mr. President, in our “war on terror” – but are baffled by a conflicting policy that is rewarding radical Palestinian terrorist groups with statehood. You force the deportation of Jews from their land in response to terror attacks upon them.

We are not rewarding al Qaeda with statehood. We are not rewarding the Talaban with statehood. We are not rewarding the insurgents in Iraq with statehood.

Why then do we depart from our principles and opt to bestow the precious gift of statehood upon Palestinian terrorists – Hamas, Hezbollah, Fatah Tanzim, Islamic Jihad, the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), al Aksa Martyrs Brigade, Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), etc., as a reward for their unconscionable barbaric terrorist murderers?

Are you actually believing the liberal bias of the world media?

I stand with 100s of thousands of Americans all across the country and lovers of Democracy worldwide who express these same sentiments and we implore you, Mr. President and Mr. Prime Minister, to reconsider this policy miscalculation and change direction before we go further down the path of encouraging unrestrained terrorism.